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Lost your keys? We will open your lock!

Did you lose your bike key? Or did your key break inside the bike lock? Or maybe you júst saw your key disappear in the canal? No worries! We will help you open your bike lock within minutes. We will saw open your chain lock or remove your ring lock for just € 20,-. Not only will we open your lock, you can also buy a new lock from us which we well assemble on the spot. All fairly priced, of course.

Of course you can also stop by our bike store to have us open your lock. In most cases, we can get it done while you wait. Are you in hurry? Be sure to make an appointment, so that the fastest service is guaranteed. Moreover, our store offers a broad selection of several new locks of the best quality. We will make sure to give you the professional help you are looking for, and you will be on the road within no time!

Please notice: we will ask you to fill out a short form to declare that the bike actually belongs to you. Please bring ID!

Did you lose your bike keys? Bike lock opening in no time!

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