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The best bike repair shop in Amsterdam de Baarsjes

Looking for bike repair in Amsterdam? Don’t look any further! We are extremely proud that our name has become a synonym for costumer friendliness and service. You are always welcome to drop in for a chat! But what makes BiciCare just as famous are our quick and skilled bike repairs, and our expert advice about repairs, electrical (cargo) bikes and Urban Arrows.

Quality and craftsmanship

At BiciCare, you can expect to always go home with just what you need – nothing else. We don’t talk you into things you don’t need, you just get your money’s worth. We use the best products and work quickly and efficiently. Which automatically results in very happy bikes!

Low prices for bike repair

The fact that we deliver quality, does not mean we are expensive! We safeguard our low prices and offer a lot of discounts and special offers. In fact, our excellent maintenance actually saves you from spending too much on repairs. Preventing is better than fixing!

Expert advice

Just walking in for a quick repair? Big chance you will leave our show with more knowledge about your bike – as well as with a big smile! Our team is always ready to advise you about your bike, or answer any other questions. And the way our Italian hospitality prescribes we love to chat with you while you visit, to make sure our advice and service suit you personally. Whether you walk in for a quick repair, thorough maintenance, or an expert advice: we will make sure you leave satisfied.

Want to get your bike fixed in Amsterdam? At Bicicare, you know you are in the right hands. Whether you want to repair or buy a bike, the prices remain low. And if you’re in the neighborhood, you can always stop by for a quick chat with Alex and his team. We welcome you!

Bike repair Amsterdam - De Baarsjes

Prices bike repair Amsterdam – 2024

Are you out on the streets with a flat tire, is your pedal stuck or did your bike chain come off? Maybe you noticed while biking that your brakes aren’t working properly, or you júst dropped your key in the canal. No worries. We will be with you in no time and have replacing materials and quality new products to help you get on your way again. Everything at realistic costs, of course.

Does this list not contain your repair? For all other repairs you are invited to stop by in our bike repair shop. Here we guarantee to have the right tools for the best result.

Sometimes just fixing a tire is enough, other times the whole inner and outer tire have to be replaced. Not a problem: we will fix it in no time.


Replace inner tire Bakfiets backwheel
(Schwalbe or CST). Available in all sizes
Replace outer tire basic city bike
(CST with white line on the outside). Only available in the following sizes:
28 x 1 1/2
28 x 1 5/8
26 x 1 5/8
Replace inner and outer tire on a Bakfiets
– Schwalbe Big Ben plus
– Schwalbe Marathon with 5mm extra protection
– Schwalbe Pick up Cargo
There are too many different options and combination. Please inquire if you need a specific quote

When your bike chain comes off, you are lost. We will put it on again quickly and professionally, and – if needed – tighten it so it won’t happen again. Need another bike chain? You are at the right place!


Reattach bike chain, tighten and grease (if possible)
Replace bike chain, adjust and tighten
– Shimano anti-rust
Replace bike chain + gear wheel (from)
Adjust and grease brakes (rollerbrakes only)
Replace brake cable
– Sturmey archer
– Sachs torpedo
Inner cable & outer cable with Teflon coating
Replace brake grip (per item)
Replace brake blocks (Urban Arrow)
Vent and oil brake system pipe
on request

Missing a pedal or broke you seat? Need a little extra comfort? We have a big variety of bike parts for you. Looking for something in particular? Don’t hesitate to ask us: in our store we have a broad selection of accessories ready for you and your bike.


Replace pedals
Replace stand (Ursus)
Replace seat (Selle Royal) from
Lamps, battery set (attached to frame)
Bicycle bell
Lost or broke your keys? No worries! We will free you bike as soon as possible. Of course, we won’t leave you without replacement: if you want, we assemble a new lock on the spot. At a low price, naturally. Don’t forget to bring ID!
Break open bike lock
– Budget
– Axa
Chain lock from
Be nice to your bike: a well-maintained bike will last longer effortlessly. And in the end, that will save you money.
During the maintenance job we clean and grease the chain and gears, renew the grease of the roller brakes and venting / cleaning hydraulic brake systems.


– city bike with back pedal brakes
– city bike with manual brakes and gears
– cargo bikes (non-electrical)
– cargo bikes 2 wheels (Bosch and/or Shimano motor)
Fee per 15 minutes

* During maintenance, the following will be checked

  • stearing pin and seating pin greased
  • check and adjust spokes
  • lamps
  • brake system
  • gear system
  • hubs
  • adjust ball head
  • clean and adjust bike chain
  • adjust bolts and screws
  • check electrical system, including software update
  • check battery and clean points of contact
  • renew the grease of the roller brakes and venting / cleaning hydraulic brake systems

Fees do not include extra repairs (if needed) and potentially necessary materials.

  • All fees include VAT and assembling
  • Fees do not include extra repairs (if needed) and potentially necessary materials
  • Some cargo bike repairs are charged higher, because they cost more time. Please ask us about this and we will calculate the exact fee for you, leaving no last-minute surprises.