Tire pressure

What should be right tire pressure?

Depending on the type of bike and tire you are riding, there is a different tire pressure to keep into account.

On the left side of each tire its written what the minimum and maximum tire pressure is. Make always sure to stay within this given range for safety and better performance.

For the URBAN ARROW or other heavy cargo bike the recommended tire pressure is 4 BAR on both tires.

Don’t forget that your tires must be pumped up once every 4-5 weeks.

Why is tire pressure so important?

Tire pressure is important for a few different reasons:

  1. With the right pressure you can cycle smoother and with less effort.
  2. You can save up a lot of battery in case you have an Urban Arrow or any other e-bike.
  3. Better protection against punctures. The strongest part of the tire is the middle one. The sides are less thick and strong. When having little pressure only the sides (weaker spots) contact the ground…the rest you can imagine it.
  4. In case of a bakfiets little pressure will damage your tires much faster than it should be….and they are getting more and more expensive… so up to you now!

Can I feel tire pressure without a manometer?

No, you can’t. It is always important to have a pump with a manometer for this. They are quite inexpensive compared with a new tire set and can last a long time too.

Urban Arrow

How often I should to service my Urban Arrow?

Depending on how many kilometers you make on it and how good you take care of it in between services. Generally, we say that every 3000 km or once a year it’s a good habit to service the bike. Like this you make sure that it gets fixed what need to be fixed and prevent what can be prevented in order to encounter as little problems as possible.

What kind of costs I can expect?

The costs for the service of the bike is fixed and the whole procedure is always the same at Bicicare regardless how old or new the bike is. We take your bike apart and check in details everything of it.

What can influence the final price is the number of parts needed to restore the functionality of the bike. Experience has shown us that the total price can vary between € 150 and € 450.

Don’t fool yourself thinking that few years of no service will help you save money, because at the end tear and wear will show all at once resulting in a very high and unpleasant bill.

Why are my disc brakes so squeaky?

Disc brakes are very powerful and reliable, but as anything else it has some weak spots too.

  1. They are very sensitive to contamination; oil or any greasy substance including finger tips. If there is a leakage in the system, and oil will be spilled on the disc, it will immediately result in loss of braking power together with a very high pitch sound. Cars in the city release some part of carburant from their exhaust which in combination with rain can spat on the discs and create this situation as well.The only solution its detect and repair the leak together with replacing disc and brake pads, as those are not possible to clean anymore.Changing only the brake pads will result in the exact same problem within seconds.
  2. Using too little brake power. If you are always too gentle on your brakes you will not create enough friction and warmth, which are both needed for better performance. In this case a tiny film (glaze) will form on top of your brake pads with the same result described here above. In this case it’s enough to only replace the pads. This happens often with front brakes as users are scared to slip out of the corner. So perform some powerful braking every now and then when it’s dry and safe.
  3. When it’s cold and wet the brakes will always squeak because of a lack of temperature. Cycle a few hundred meters with the brakes lightly pressed and the sound will disappear.

Why is my Urban Arrow losing maximum speed?

All Urban Arrows are mounted with an innovative gearbox called Enviolo. This system works with a combination of oil friction and big bearing instead of the usual gears.

When cycling the bike, especially an e-bike, many people tend to use the gear system in the WRONG way. If you are pedalling too slow while your e-bike motor is set on the highest power, you are putting the whole system under an enormous pressure (stress) which will shorten the life of some components (motor, chain), but most of all the life of your gear system which on the medium run will be permanently damaged and compromised.

Within a certain limit we can repair this, but when the damage is too big, the whole wheel needs to be replaced. The average cost for an Urban Arrow back wheel (including the gear system) is € 450 or more.

You easily avoid this keeping the right spinning speed (75 revolution per minute +/_)

Safe yourself some money and frustration and start to spin right 😊

My Urban Arrow does not turn on anymore

It can happen that you Urban Arrow doesn’t want to turn anymore via the board computer (Intuvia or Purion). In this case try to apply reverse energy by pressing the button on the side of the battery. Very often this simple step solves the issue.

Does this not solve the problem? Then you can remove the battery from the bike, press the start button for 10 seconds, release it and place it back into the bike. This method hasn’t any scientific prove, several people told us it worked. Does the battery still not turn on? Please contact us.

My gear shifter turns, but the bike does not shift

In this case means that your gears cables are broken. Stop trying to turn the shifter hoping for a miracle that will not happen. On the contrary you may damage even the shifter.

There are two cables going out of the shifter into an interface on the right side of the back wheel, where the shifting happens. If one of these cables is loose there won’t be any shifting possible anymore.

We must replace the cables for you. Are you far from home and stuck on a light gear?
In this video I will explain you how to momentarily change gear straight from the interface.

Explanation videos

How to shift gears when the cable is broken

How to check if your brake pads are worn-out