Urban Arrow rental

Urban Arrow rental

Would you like to rent an electrical cargo bike? Or how we say in Dutch “Bakfiets”? Select your preferred duration and options and reserve your bike right away. Or read here everything about renting an Urban Arrow.

Saturday April 20th till Monday April 29th we are closed. For this period it is not possible to rent a bike.
Of course you can make bookings for before or after these dates.

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Maxi-Cosi Adapter
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The electrical cargo bike that helps you forward!

The electrical cargo bike from Urban Arrow helps you and your stuff easily to get from A to B within the city. You can take several kids along, use it for moving of just when you wanna spend a nice outside. Perfect if you wanna take quite some stuff along, but don’t wanna spend too much energy on pedalling. BiciCare in Amsterdam de Baarsjes is the only official dealer that also rents Urban Arrow bikes. Do you wanna know everything about our rental options? Then check out this page: renting an Urban Arrow.