Bike rental de Baarsjes

Bike Rental de Baarsjes

Are you looking for a bike in Amsterdam? A city bike with coaster brakes or handbrakes and gears? We are here for you! Read everything about renting a bike at BiciCare or make direct reservations below!

Saturday April 20th till Monday April 29th we are closed. For this period it is not possible to rent a bike.
Of course you can make bookings for before or after these dates.

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Experiencing Amsterdam by bike

When you are a tourist in Amsterdam, the bike is a great way of transportation! You can experience a lot of the city, reach all the hotspots quick and enjoy the feeling of being outside and free to go wherever you want! We from BiciCare are located at de Baarsjes and have rental bikes with coaster brakes or hand brakes and three gears. You can rent a bike for three hours, one day, several days or even one week.

Make directly reservations or read first everything about renting a bike in de Baarsjes.